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Bringing you the latest news - in English - from Japanese universities: "Japan University News" launches!

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Bringing you the latest news - in English - from Japanese universities: "Japan University News" launches!

With the goal of increasing global awareness for Japanese universities as well as building a platform for pro-actively building relationships with international media, Daigaku Tsushin will commence "Japan University News" in April of 2018. Featuring news from a multitude of Japan's top universities conveniently rounded up in one spot, the content will be distributed through a special newsroom on the global digital PR platform "Mynewsdesk", which is being represented in Japan by Aalto International.

In recent years, Japanese Universities have continually poured resources into disseminating information as well as media relations, distributing contents regarding their education, research as well societal contributions. However, these activities often have been limited to the domestic market, and while Japanese Universities have strengthened their English language programs and welcomed increasing numbers of foreign students and faculty, as a whole there has continued to be a lack of English-language information available. Especially when compared to other Asian universities who have been able to garner international appraisal, Japanese Universities continue to grapple with the issue of achieving true global recognition.

This is where "Japan University News" comes in. By providing an English-language platform to distribute press releases and other content, it allows Japanese higher education institutions to inform the world on their unique culture, prominent research, contributions to the global society as well as keep potential foreign exchange students updated on their latest offerings. Furthermore, it aims to provide a platform that allows Japanese Universities to engage with their global counterparts for potential partnerships and collaborations in addition to being a tool for these institutions to reach key media and other stakeholders around the world.

"Japan University News" will launch their newsroom on the globally acclaimed digital communication platform "Mynewsdesk" starting in April of 2018. It will be jointly operated by Daigaku Tsushin and Aalto International.

As the service launches, the President of Daigaku Tsushin, Koji Tadokoro, stated that "We at Daigaku Tsushin are proud to have been aiding Japanese Universities in distributing their news and contents for more than 50 years. Through that, we managed to get to know the charms of Japanese Universities intricately, including the excellent education they provide and top-notch research they undertake. With the launch of this service, we hope that the world will be able to see this side of Japanese Universities in the way we are lucky enough to have been able to."

Aalto International's CEO Mariko Fukui chimed in, noting that "At Aalto International, we have made it our mission to connect Japanese companies and institutions with the world. Recently, we have strongly been feeling that the international recognition of our universities has sadly been lacking, and there is a knowledge gap between the research potential and educational opportunities that Japanese Universities actually provide and how they are being perceived globally. Through this collaboration with Daigaku Tsushin, I hope we can contribute to narrowing this gap."

About Daigaku Tsushin
Daigaku Tsushin was established in 1965 and thus has a history of more than 50 years. The company has specialized in circulating information on entrance examinations for media and students, as well as providing educational rankings. Furthermore, Daigaku Tsushin launched a press release distribution service within Japan 10 years ago, which is currently being used by more than 130 universities.

About Aalto International Japan Co., Ltd.
Aalto International Group aims to be the "bridge between Japan and the world", and through inciting collaborations be the driver in those innovations that will shape future developments in global business and society. With its headquarters in Japan, Aalto boasts auxiliary offices in Germany and France as well.

Mariko Fukui
Aalto International Japan Co., Ltd,
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Mariko Fukui

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Welcome to Japan University News!

“Japan University News” is an English-language news portal that provides an outlet for the latest news of Japanese Universities for a global audience. It provides an overview of the unique culture, prominent research and contributions to the global society of Japanese Universities for international media, stakeholders and other interested parties.

Japan University News
Japan University News