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Japanese High School Students Set the World as the Stage Proposing a Project for Contributing to Society -Entrepreneurship World Competition-

[Time and Date] August 8th - August 14th
[Location] Durban, South Africa
[Sponsored] SAGE Global
[Participated Countries] USA, Ukraine, Canada, Chile, China, India, Iran, Ireland, Nigeria, Korea, Russia, Pakistan, Australia, Japan, etc. Around 30 countries and regions

A domestic event held in March (sponsored by SAGE JAPAN CUP・Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education etc.) the first place team H.O.P.E from Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School will participate in the Sage World Cup held in South Africa.

SAGE was established in the United States of America in 2002, and this year will the 16th year of the World Cup and high school teams from around 30 countries and regions will participate this year. Japan will send a high school team for the third straight year. Two years ago at the Philippines World Cup, Tokyo Metropolitan Ryogoku High School represented Japan and last year at the Ukraine World Cup, Yokohama Science Frontier High School represented Japan. This year, Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School will challenge themselves to make a presentation, aiming to claim the top prize.

During the World Cup, high schools from each country will participate in culture exchanges.

<Contact in regard to the event>
Professor Takeshi Miyazaki, Soka University: Iwaki
Phone: 042-691-4099
*For more information please visit the homepage



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